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"Friendly and excellent communication service. Much recommended to get supplements to develop a healthy lifestyle 👍🏼"

- Anmol Thind, Facebook


"The best customer service and supplements! I am obsessed with the Daily Greens. Serge is knowledgeable and professional. I definitely recommend to purchase all your protein, supplements, etc here!"

- Shannon Phan, Facebook


"I've had the pleasure of working out with serge and his passion is undeniable. he works hard to ensure that I feel confident and comfortable regardless of my gym experience level. his unique approach to coaching always makes me feel capable and the results speak for themselves. I've learned so much about myself and many life lessons I can apply outside the gym which adds to the uniqueness of the overall experience. Serge is amazing! his products are quality. 👌"

- Anisah F. Baksh, Facebook


"I’ve gone to write this review a few times now and each time I’ve stopped as what I write always feels like an understatement.

I truly mean it when I say Serge changed my life. I no longer feel overwhelmed or scared while working out in the gym, and I actually feel more confident in my everyday life which is something I haven’t felt in a long time.

 Serge is not only compassionate and knowledgeable, but has an immense amount of experience. He is patient and takes the time to explain movements, but also the science and explanations of why and what each exercise is helping you with.

Food has been a challenge for me, especially through different mental illnesses, but Serge is helping me by letting me take my time with it and showing me helpful tips to keep in mind throughout the day for my meals.

Overall, five stars is not enough. I’d probably have to double it."

- Kaitlyn Roberts, Facebook